Musicians Monitors and IEMs

Customizing your earphones takes time and patience, but the results are well worth it.

Dr. Jackson went above and beyond, and I fully recommend her services. I had ear impressions molded for custom IEMs, and she responded to questions in-person and through email in a manner that was clear and easy to understand for non-experts. She also went out of her way to purchase the exact impression material that the IEM company preferred.


Because your ears are unique, it's common to find a set of earbuds that only fit precisely. With custom-made earbuds, everything changes. Customizing your earphones takes time and patience, but the results are well worth it. 

We offer two custom-fit products: In-Ear Monitors and Custom Earbuds.

In-ear Monitors for Musicians

In-ear monitors, or IEMs, are personal listening devices that provide an alternative to traditional headphones. While they offer the same benefits as headphones, they also have unique advantages that make them worth considering.

Hear yourself.  

The most obvious is that you can hear what you're doing instead of being dependent on someone else to tell you whether you're in tune. It also means that the sound in your ears is isolated from the rest of the band and audience, so you don't have to worry about feedback from a guitar amp or drums drowning out your vocals.

Hear your bandmates.  

Another benefit of in-ear monitors is that they let you hear each instrument clearly without being overpowered by other instruments. It also means that any technical problems with the signal are more likely to be heard by you than by others in the room.

Protect your hearing.

If you're playing live for long periods, it's easy for the sound coming out of your speakers to damage your ears over time. This isn't just an issue for musicians—you can damage your hearing by listening to loud music through headphones (which is why some people wear earplugs at concerts). In-ear monitors can also help protect your hearing.

Custom Earbuds 

Custom earbuds are a personalized version of traditional earbuds. Any music lover will benefit from custom earbuds in these ways:

Better sound quality

Custom-made earbuds are made specifically for your ears, so they fit better than universal-sized earbuds that don't fit everyone perfectly. This means you'll get better sound quality than stock earbuds because they won't leak sound or let outside noise in — just what you want when you're listening to your favorite album!

Better comfort

If you have tried using regular earbuds, you know how uncomfortable they can be. They tend to fall out of your ears when you're running or exercising at the gym, so you must keep adjusting them and risk losing one of them! Custom earbuds are designed to fit comfortably in your ears, so they don't fall out even during vigorous activity. In addition, custom-fit earbuds come with different tips for different sizes and shapes of ears, so you can choose one that fits perfectly into your ears without discomfort or irritation!

How the fitting process works

When you get custom earmolds, we will make impressions of both ears and send them to the lab.

A lab technician will make the earmolds using these impressions, then send them back to our office. We will then put them into a molding machine that heats up and shapes the material into the shape of each ear canal. After they've cooled, the custom earmolds are ready to use!

Whether you're a musician or a music lover, contact us today to set up a custom-fitting!

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