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Hearing Aids

Learn about hearing aid models and brands available at Upstate Hearing & Balance.
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Hearing Aids Styles

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and sizes.

At Upstate Hearing & Balance in Greenville, we offer all of the major hearing aid styles available. Click on the images below to learn about the pros and cons of each style.
Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC)
Very discreet and considered invisible for most users
Sits deeper in canal, which can reduce the “plugged up” feeling for some
This model is not appropriate for the more severe hearing losses
The IIC model does not always have all of the features available
Completely-in-canal (CIC)
Very discreet and nearly invisible for some users
Sits deeper in canal, which can reduce the “plugged up” feeling for some
This model is not appropriate for the more severe hearing losses
Can be difficult to insert for some ear canals or those with poor dexterity
In-the-canal (ITC)
Easy to handle and insert for many wearers
More flexible than the smaller models with power and venting
This model is not appropriate for the more severe hearing losses
Does not fit all ear canals well and depends on ear anatomy
In-the-ear (ITE)
Can fit the most severe losses of the custom, in the ear models
Allows for flexible button and manual volume control options
Some do not like how large this hearing aid model is
Does not perform as well in wind as some other models
Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC)
The most popular model today due to it's flexibility
Can fit almost any type of ear canal and almost any type of hearing loss
Can be used with flexible tips or custom earmolds
Modular style allows for easy replacement of parts
Can be difficult for some with masks, hats or glasses
Behind-the-ear (BTE)
Can fit the most severe losses of all hearing aid models
Flexible options for features and adjustments
Some can find this model difficult to insert completely
Some find this model large and bulky
Oticon Real
Oticon Real

Oticon Real with BrainHearing technology is a revolutionary hearing aid that gives the brain more of the relevant information it needs to make better sense of sound, so you can get better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more.

Resound Omnia
Resound Omnia

The Resound Omnia represents a return to the core of why hearing aids are used by those with hearing loss - to improve understanding of background noise. According to ReSound, 80% of people who wear hearing aids describe hearing in noise as a key challenge. With the new Omnia, Resound boasts a 150% improvement in speech understanding of noise compared to their previous generation of hearing aids.

Phonak Lumity
Phonak Lumity

Modern hearing aids contain lots of great features, but the main reason people wear hearing aids is to understand speech. That's why Phonak Lumity was explicitly designed to make speech clearer and easier to understand. Lumity includes AutoSense OS 5.0, which is Phonak's latest operating system that scans the environment and adjusts up to 200 different settings so that your Lumity hearing aids can automatically adjust to any environment.

Signia AX
Signia AX

Signia's revolutionary processing technology offers you the best speech understanding, including a natural-sounding own voice thanks to Own Voice Processing (OVP). Advanced sensor technology recognizes if you are moving, and detects which hearing situation you are in automatically. Using Signia's ground-breaking Augmented Xperience (AX) platform, these hearing aids make sure you always experience the best possible sound as you move through your day.

Starkey Genesis AI
Starkey Genesis AI

The Starkey Genesis AI is a groundbreaking advancement in hearing technology, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence with unparalleled auditory clarity. Built upon the powerful Starkey Neuro Processor, this state-of-the-art hearing aid employs Neuro Sound Technology and EdgeMode+ to optimize speech comprehension, especially in challenging environments

Widex Moment Sheer
Widex Moment Sheer

The Widex Moment Sheer is a groundbreaking addition to the world of audiological technology. Addressing the common issue of artificial sound in traditional hearing aids, the Moment Sheer employs the revolutionary PureSound technology. Sleek in design and packed with features like ZeroDelay Technology and Widex MySound, it promises not only clarity in hearing but also a personalized listening experience for its users.

Oticon Intent
Oticon Intent

The Oticon Intent hearing aid, powered by the Sirius platform, introduces groundbreaking 4D Sensor technology, capturing users' listening intentions for unparalleled support. Its robust processing capacity and integrated motion and acoustic sensors adapt seamlessly to the wearer's environment.

Signia IX
Signia IX

The Signia IX series introduces groundbreaking hearing solutions that combine sleek design with advanced sound processing. Aimed at enhancing listening experiences, this series is essential for anyone looking to improve their hearing and have easier conversations.

Resound Nexia
Resound Nexia

ReSound Nexia, a sophisticated hearing aid, enhances auditory experiences with advanced technology for clarity in noisy environments and seamless connectivity to devices. With rechargeable batteries and various model options, it offers customizable settings and comfort in style.

Hearing Aid Brands

We offer the latest and best hearing aids models.

We offer the best hearing aids because they lead to better outcomes for our patients. Don't see a brand or model you're interested in? Contact our audiologist today to discuss your options.
The Best Hearing Aid Fittings

The Gold Standard in Hearing Aid Fittings

Our Audiologist believes in taking the time necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes. This is why evidence-based best practice care is included with each hearing aid purchase. This includes the use of Real Ear Measurements (REM) and other protocols to ensure the best hearing possible.

Second-Opinion Clinic

You need a solution tailored specifically for you, which is why we also offer to clean and check your existing hearing aids, evaluate their ability to function properly with a real-ear measurement, re-program them, and re-fit them if that would provide you the most value, because we understand that purchasing a new set of devices is not necessarily the best option for everyone all the time.We charge a modest fee for this service, so you can rest assured that we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to get a second opinion about your hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life

Better hearing has been proven to help in a number of ways. It can help relationships, improve confidence, keep you independent and even help you earn more money*. If you think that hearing loss is holding you or a loved one back, please reach out to us today for an appointment. Our Audiologist will guide you through every step of the process and help give you or your loved one the gift of hearing. Call us at 864-770-8822 or complete a form on our website to get started.

*The Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss on Household Income

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