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Noise is more than simply an annoyance; it may be very harmful.

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Penny Simonaire
Penny Simonaire

Noise is more than simply an annoyance; it may be very harmful. Noise-induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) happens when a person is exposed to noises that are louder than 85 decibels (dBA), which may cause damage or death to the sensitive hair cells that convert sound waves into nerve pulses delivered to the brain. When the hair cells are injured, the damage is permanent.

The degree of injury caused by NIHL is dependent on various circumstances, including how long the individual has been exposed, how loud the sound is, and if hearing protection is used.

Groups At Risk Of Noise


Research has found that noisy work environments make teachers more susceptible to hearing loss than others. 


Most auto repair and bodywork power equipment, such as disk sanders, impact wrenches, running engines, shop vacs, grinders, sandblasters, automobile horns, and electric drills, generate enough noise to cause hearing damage over time.

Recreational shooters

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a real danger for recreational shooters. A single gunshot may range in sound from 140 to 190 dB and can rapidly damage your hearing. What's worse, shooters often disregard recommendations to use hearing protection.


This isn't surprising, but more musicians need to wear hearing protection. A 2014 German study discovered that musicians were four times more likely than ordinary individuals to have new hearing loss due to noise.

Sleep Plugs

Custom sleep plugs are tailor-made earplugs designed to fit an individual's ear canal perfectly, providing optimal noise reduction to promote undisturbed sleep. They offer comfort and effectiveness, especially for those sensitive to nighttime disturbances or living in noisy environments.

Protect yourself!

Noise-induced hearing loss is entirely preventable. Whether you're heading into the field or to band practice, be sure to use the right ear protection.

Though we cannot avoid the noise, we can mitigate it by wearing appropriate hearing protection. These are used when you are subjected to excessive noise levels for an extended period. These may include activities such as concerts, sporting events, and working in a setting with a noise level of 85dB or more.

Several smartphone applications can inform you how noisy your immediate surroundings are. This will help you determine if it is time to protect your hearing. You should begin protecting yourself when the dB level reaches 90 or higher.

Our Custom Hearing Protection

Custom earmolds, as the name implies, are made to fit your exact ear size and shape. 

Benefits of custom molded earplugs include:

Better fit for better protection

Custom-molded earplugs are made specifically for your ears, so they fit perfectly, which helps them stay in place more comfortably when worn with headbands or hats. This also means they are less likely to fall out when you lean over or bend down.

More comfortable

Custom hearing protection is made from a soft material that will not irritate your skin or cause discomfort while wearing them for long periods. You won't have to worry about itching or irritation when wearing these protectors.

More durable

Regular ear protection has to be replaced after a few uses since it only lasts a few days. Although inexpensive, replacing your hearing protection over time will cost you a lot of money. Custom earplugs can be used for years and are, therefore, less expensive than disposable ones.

Prevention is preferable to treatment. While noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible, it can be best avoided with custom hearing protection. Contact us today to set up a fitting appointment!

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